In an era when attention spans are shortening and environmental issues are deepening, the need for cutting edge short-form environmental media is vital.

GreenShorts Miami is a new media festival designed to highlight short, spreadable environmental stories on a wide range of topics currently impacting South Florida, from pollution to sea-level rise, sunny-day flooding, harmful algal blooms, endangered or invasive species, habitat destruction, and illegal wildlife trafficking.

Screened at the iconic Cosford Cinema, the chosen location for Leonardo DiCaprio's and Steven Fishers' Before the Flood (2016) world premiere, the festival will take place as part of the University of Miami's Earth Day celebrations around April 22, 2019.



Festival applications are currently open. The deadline for submission is February 1, 2019. Applications must include a vimeo link and password (if necessary), a 250-500 word Bio, along with further contact information. Festival selections will be made, and filmmakers will be notified of acceptance by March 1, 2019.



Submission Rules

Submissions must meet the following two requirements: (1) Submission must relate to an environmental topic impacting South Florida and/or the Caribbean and (2) screen in 20 minutes or less.

There are no rules limiting camera types or accepted media formats. Documentary-style film/video, fiction, fantasy, comedy, horror, music video, video game trailers, VR, animation, experimental, and other types of digital work and whimsy are  equally encouraged.

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5030 Brunson Dr., Coral Gables, FL 33146

Cosford Cinema

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